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Ubinary Minimum deposit: $250
US Traders: NO

I tend to do a lot of things when I'm researching a good broker. Some may call it excessive or compulsive, but it's saved me a lot of times from serious financial mistakes. It's no easy task and sometimes can be incredibly tedious, but it usually pays off. In the beginning when I first started trading stocks and options, I got burned. In fact, I think a lot of us have in the first days of the road to investment. A lot of places can leave the potential user confused or even turn them off to the idea of investing in the first place. Since I've been doing a lot of binary trading options lately, I had to make sure this didn't happen to me, which meant hunting down zero commissions and the lack of fees. This actually wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be, but it did take some digging. I found five great brokers throughout the whole experience and below, I'll talk about U Binary, which was probably my most interesting experience.


The Grand World Of Trading And Binaries


Before I knew what a binary was, I thought they were complex and required a ton of economic and trading knowledge to assess. Well, they're not actually that complicated and make good sense. A binary option is, for the lack of a better description, a hybrid of asset value and time. It works by estimating what an asset's value will be by a certain amount of time (the deadline). These deadlines can be a few minutes away or weeks depending on how you do. My favorites are the two or three month binary trades – I feel the provide the best security and reward, but that's just me. Below, we'll look at what U Binary provides for those type of trading options. Onward to the review!


Some Information About U Binary


U Binary has been around longer than some brokers like Magnum Options and other newbies, but it does have a solid amount of experience behind it. U Binary emphasizes it's title: binary trading options. The group is built from the ground up honing its abilities and crafts specifically to trading binaries and things relating to them, like other assets and funds. They're a good candidate no matter what level of experience you possess in the trading world. I've been doing this for a few years now and I found U Binary to be pretty straight forward but also offer me some more advanced tools that TD Ameritrade didn't have (yes, TD Ameritrade actually lacks a couple useful tools!). They also have webinars (seminar on the web in video form, usually), which is a first. I don't think I've ever run into a broker that actively seeks education for their customers. It's something I wish more brokers would do to ensure their customers don't have a bad experience or screw up their finances and wealth. Investing can be tricky business, so U Binary's massive amount of information regarding binaries is a notch above everyone else.


Fees, Hidden & Not


Whenever you do a trade, a small fee may be charged or worse, a commission when a deal is closed. A lot of brokers will tout that they have “zero fees” and “zero commission rates”, but more times than not I am left disappointed in that category. U Binary did a good job of being crystal clear about what they offered and I can safely say this is one of the most cost-effective groups I have worked with. It's so good, it's competing with another broker I reviewed earlier for the spot of frequent use.

Ease Of Use


This is a huge deal. If a broker's usability sucks, I'm not going to spend another moment trying to use them. Why? Time is money and money is time: an investor should know when to ditch something or keep moving forward. With U Binary, I had a fantastic experience – they were incredibly easy to use (in fact, they remind me of Coursera vaguely) and completely knowledgeable. I didn't have trouble finding any tools or organizing the binary options I was interested in, either. A huge, resounding plus for U Binary and their team, in my opinion.


Dealing With Me, The Investor (And Customer)


Everyone's had their share of bad customer support experiences and I'm by far no exception. In fact, the poor help I was getting from other bigger brokers was enough to make me reconsider even bothering with a broker. Let me say that since starting my reviews and experiments with these smaller brokers, I am now again interested in them. Every one I've worked with so far has met my expectations and exceeded them. U Binary is no exception! I had such a positive experience when I needed help messing with account settings that I can't help but gloat about it.




This is where U Binary gets interesting and it's suggesting in their company name as well. U Binary not only offers a ton of expert guidance, but a lot of custom control on your end as well. That's a life saver for me when I'm feeling particularly risk, especially over the more hazardous binary trades that can be made. It's like building a computer: you want total control and customization over what you're doing. If I could equate U Binary to something, it would be like building your own computer with a technician in the room with you – you're on your own but if you need help, they're right there to hunker down and start rearranging the bits and pieces with you. U Binary did a great job of letting me do what I wanted to do but having my back when I needed advice on just what options to trade. This was probably my favorite part of the experience, next to the webinars. The webinars are incredibly useful and I had a blast participating in them. Like I said, I wish more brokers did these for their clients!


Website Availability


U Binary has a very modern, up to date website. I strictly use Chrome and Firefox in light doses, so being able to glide through account settings, personal preferences and different layouts was perfect. I will say that they suffer the same problem as Magnum Options though: if your computer is kind of outdated, it may lag. I didn't have this issue but I can see an underpowered phone probably experience some slow load times and buggy interface use. U Binary also looked great on my tablet as well, which I set to the side of my desktop PC for updates and modifications when I need it.




U Binary is not only a solid broker, but a very innovative one. The new tools and services they offered made me wish I had known of them before. They take full advantage of what the Internet and mobility can do in the 21st century and I'm happy I get to be a part of that. Between the excellent webinars and customer service, U Binary earns a strong 9.2 rating for me. Highly recommended, especially for seasoned investor vets who want a ton of customization and insight.


Ubinary Minimum deposit: $250
US Traders: NO

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