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Tradorax Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: YES

When choosing binary options broker, you need to consider a lot of things and think twice before taking your pick.You must do your research to find whether you can trust your selected broker or not. Hence, you go over sites like this, you read professional analysis of the brokers' activity to discover for yourselves the one that suits your demands and the one that you are willing to work with. In the following review I will cover the Swiss-based binary options broker Tradorax and I will examine how they are doing in relation to all the criteria that binary options customers deem critical and vital. Being well-informed about a broker helps you determine his or her reliability and saves you time and money.

What exactly is Binary Options Trading?

It certainly sounds a bit scary but in fact it is surprisingly easy. Let me define it for you so that you see it for yourselves. Binary options are financial instruments which allow you to predict the direction of the price of an underlying asset. To put it simply, you have an asset like currency,for example, and you forecast whether the price will go up or down for a specific time frame. You can choose various time spans-from one minute to one month. It is an excellent financial instrument for gaining profits on price movements. Moreover, you can generate great wealth for quite short time. Wall Street traders have been doing this for years now, and today this opportunity is available for the average person at home. You surely desire to make the best of this options trading and improve you financial status, thus you must fully realize the importance of selecting the right broker, the one which will guide you through this far- from-complicated, money-making option.


On Tradorax

To be honest, payout rates are the top selection criteria for financial brokers. Tradorax have really high return rates - up to 85%. This is some impressive number- you for yourselves understand that this is extremely high yield percentage for your order and you feel like you must really give it a try. Tradorax are experts in binary options trading, they have been highly-recommended predominately because of their high return rates. Their platform is fast and they also quickly provide accurate live market data- which differentiates them from many brokers in the sector. Another criterion, which makes Tradorax stand out, is that the platform is not limited for professionals only, anyone can work with it. The company has managed to provide trading experience for advanced traders and for beginners as well. Therefore, with Tradorax you can learn how to trade on the financial markets and you can also receive decent amount of money for yourself.

Commissions, Fees etc.


In the binary options trading industry, there are many brokers that set extremely high fees and commissions and there are others that hide these payments from you. Tradorax is a rare breed of options broker that do not charge any such amounts. They certainly save you some money and help you generate more income at the same time.


Tradorax's customer support


Customer support is at the heart of any business- it can build or destroy a business in no time. Tradorax's customer service is excellent, without any exaggeration. They are available 24/5, they are multilingual, and they are very patient with their clients. You can reach them via live chat, e-mail, fax and phone and they will respond fast and up to the point. They really assist you in whatever difficulties you experience. Definitely great customer experience.


Research and More


Certainly, there is a lot of competition in the binary options sector, that's a given. Still, many of the brokers draw on third-party sources for their projects and trades. This approach cuts costs for the company but yet it could impair the quality that clients require for their trading analysis and research. However, Tradorax set themselves apart by doing this research by themselves for you, ensuring that they provide you with the best possible, reasonably-priced, high-return binary options.


The ease of use


Once you open an account you can use it from anywhere and you only need internet. On the platform everything is clear and transparent.


Tradorax has gone into great lengths to make trading smooth and effortless, because they understand that clients should not waste time on mundane things like downloading, reading complicated software and so on. They actually have done excellent job on making their product customer-friendly.


Tools Availability


Tradorax allow you to trace all your assets, orders and live market charts on all your devices. Their platform is both functional and intuitive. You can use the platform on all your devices regardless of their operational system since it is entirely web-based and is not bound up by any application downloads. It can run on all internet browsers.


Online and Offline Availability


Given the fact that you trade with market movements, it is of utmost importance that the platform you use is always ready and available online. Many traders suffer losses when servers are being adjusted or are loading slowly, but no one complains from such mishaps with Tradorax. The poor maintenance and hosting of websites affects users but Tradorax website is reliable and stable. I personally have never had any lags; it simply runs smoothly and fast. It is so on any mobile devices I have -on my phone, tablet and personal computer.




To conclude, Tradorax is a reliable binary options broker with top-notch, cutting-edge platform which would suit the taste of many traders. I have had other brokers before, but Tradorax have really good platform which guarantees top-quality trading experience for you. I give it a total rating of 9.6.


Tradorax Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: YES

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