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Stockpair Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: NO

You need to find the best when you're looking for a great broker and you want do it in any easy, simple process that ensures the best results. That's the philosophy I've always gone in with when deciding to choose just who's going to be handling my binary trading options and it's the same philosophy I've applied to just about every service for years. Difficulties can arise when you're look for the best though, like hidden fees and commissions. The good news is not all brokers have those and there are a few good ones out there that make sure you're spending the least amount on your investments. Stockpair was one I had the pleasure of trying and I'm pleased to say it's a very good service. There are a couple complaints I have, though, which I'll go over later in the review. Compared to most brokers, I think Stockpair does a great job at excelling above the rest. Below I'll talk about a few key points in my experience with Stockpair and give a rating at the end so you know what to expect. Also note I provide a conclusion in my review as well. With that being said, let's get started.


Just What Is A Binary Option?


Well, simply put, it's a combination of assets and deadlines. To spell it out a bit more, it's the simple prediction if an asset's value is either going to rise or fall by a given deadline which is usually set in advance (you don't want to be late to the bandwagon). The time frame can range from five minutes to months or a whole year, depending on what the binary option allows. I tend to pick a middle-ground: a month is about the best for and sometimes I do a biannual one – it just depends on the binary trade I'm doing. So now that that's covered, let's move on.


A Bit About Stockpair


Stockpair is another binary options trading broker available to the masses. It offers pair options as well, which I didn't really use as much as the binary option. They're similar to Boss Capital in a way, but with their own, unique edge. They've been around for a little while, but they're not as old as say Charles & Schwab (another brokerage account I use). They have a track record of excellent service and good resources, focusing specifically on making sure their customers are happy. A simple Google search will reveal more reviews if you want to look at more after this one.


The Commissions And Fees


If you go to the “Why Stockpair?” page on their site, one of the immediate things you'll notice is a “no hidden fees or commissions”. I can attest to the accuracy; I didn't find any bizarre, legal-jargon-tinged fees popping up and their commission rate was zero, so I got the best bang for my buck. A couple of the places I've used have a lot of fees, so seeing that my money was working for me rather than against me made me happy (very happy). This alone makes it worth checking out, in my opinion.


A Word On Customer Support


I don't like using an organization that has bad customer support, but who does? I had an issue that I chatted about with a representative from Stockpair and they did a fantastic job communicating with me. I didn't get the cold, impersonal touch a lot of other brokerage firms have, which left me pretty content. A lot of times, you'll hear stories of irritating representatives or tech support actually worsening the problem more than helping. I can safely report this is not the case with Stockpair.


Research Protocols And More


There's a slew of competitors available on the market. The list can be daunting (naming off just Charles & Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, Etrade and so on barely covers the surface) and exhaustive for someone who's just starting out. I haven't been trading for ages, so I'm not expert, but I am someone who notices finer details. Research backed assets for me are a bit of a win or lose situation, but with Stockpair's assistance I was able to do pretty well. I left one of my trades very happily.


Overall Ease Of Use


I quickly found that Stockpair was one of the easier brokerage firms to use. Their layout and user interface made things especially easy for me, meaning that I didn't have to double check or refresh anything too much to get a clear status report on what I had been doing all day. I'd recommend this brokerage group for binary options trading any day of the week to a beginner as well. It's very friendly and the design works well on all platforms (desktop PC, tablet, mobile and laptop). Definitely a big plus considering some websites have issues scaling on smaller screens or worse, don't scale at all on larger ones.




I mentioned earlier about the platform's accessibility which I'll elaborate on a little bit here. So, when I say platform there are a couple things I'm talking about, but the biggest one is compatibility across whatever you're using to access your portfolio and funds. If I can't do a quick check or run tabs on my account from my smart phone, I'm in trouble. Today is a fast-paced, convenient and digital world and I quite like living in it, so this a major plus, too.


Tools, Tools, Tools


Stockpair provides a lot of useful tools, my favorite being the stuff they allow you to monitor. It allows me to make a quick decision if I need to get a hold of a broker or do it myself. I use Chrome and I haven't had any issues using the utilities available on their site, which is good because I really don't feel like using Internet Explorer for time and finance-sensitive work. Stockpair is definitely a cut above the rest here, but I do want to grip about one thing: some of their tools could use a little makeover as they can be hard to find. That's my only complaint, though.




Overall, I felt Stockpair does what it says it supposed to do and does it well. It's a binary options trading account I really liked using and I'm considering sticking with. They have excellent customer service, I don't have to worry about any pesky fees and the commissions are outstanding (by that, I mean a big fat zero!). The design of the website is attractive as well and it doesn't feel very cluttered but more streamlined and well suited for just about any point of access. It was a breeze using my 1080p monitors to blast through different stats. They're super response as well – not once did the site sputter or lag. Even big websites like Facebook have this issue sometimes – with Stockpair I didn't have to worry about it. The page barely taxed my system and it was easy to have other things open while I organized data. With all that put together, I feel Stockpair is a great option for someone wanting to expand beyond the traditional, pricier competition. I give Stockpair a solid 9.5 rating, highly recommended.


Stockpair Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: NO

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