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Porter Finance Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: YES

When looking for a great brokerage group, you want the best. You also want the easiest and most simple, effective brokerage group for your binary trading options. That's what I've used as a philosophy during my financial endeavors and it's worked incredibly well. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you're looking for the best, though. Sometimes you'll accidentally put your time and money into a badly reputed firm, in which case you can expect bad interaction and binary management. The good news is that when choosing a broker, you can keep in mind not all of them charge commissions or fees. I can't count how many times I've tested a service that claims to have “zero hidden fees”, but one comes up anyway. Today, I'm going to be looking at Porter Finance for the review and I will immediately state this is one of the most personal groups I have ever worked with. They're not so much digital as they are traditional, but we'll get into that later. With that being said, let's get started with the nitty-gritty of the review.


Whoa, What's A Binary Option?


It's not as complicated as you think. A binary option is a hybrid of a deadline and an asset's value; essentially, the option creates a simple prediction as to whether the asset's value will increase of decrease by a certain time. These times vary wildly – some are mere minutes and others can be years. It just depends on the binary option and what you want to do. Personally, I chose the middle deviation by using binary options that terminate in a month or two. They're my favorite and have always rewarded nicely, at least in my opinion. Now that you're interested in a binary option, you may want to consider picking a good team to help you with the whole process. I've done a few of these and I can safely say that Porter Finance is one of a kind and top-notch. Anyway, let's move on.


A Bit About Porter Finance


Porter Finance, at its heart, is more personal than a lot of brokerage firms I've worked with, especially when it comes to trading binary options. It was started by one man, Chad Porter, a while back. He had a desire to do one thing: create the ultimate financial options group. I can say from my experience, he did one hell of a job.


The Commissions & Fees


Not all brokerage firms are built equal and a lot of times, it's not obvious on the surface. For example, I've had tons of moments where I decided to try something out that claimed it had zero fees but lo and behold, a pesky hidden charge cropped up. I don't understand why some services do this; in my book, that's false advertising. Porter Finance has incredibly low fees and commissions if any at all. It made budgeting my wealth and investments significantly better than I expected. I couldn't thank them enough, either – I was strapped when I reviewed Porter.


Their Customer Support


This is probably where they shine the most. I don't say that lightly; they're overall a great broker, but this is some of the best customer support experience I've ever had in my whole life. I can't tell you how easy it was to sort out any problems or ask them questions; it was like talking to someone I almost knew and made the process go by so much smoother. The brokers were kind and concise over the phone, looking out for my best interest. That alone is worth taking a look into Porter Finance, especially if you've been burned in the past by customer support.


Some Things About Research


This where I found they excelled almost a bit more than the customer support they provided. I could count on excellent data and knowledge about what binary option I was looking at and amazing feedback. A lot of organizations can be excruciatingly shady about how they handle researching of certain assets, leaving me to do a lot of work. That wasn't the case with Porter Finance and I felt like I was in great hands when making a big financial move on my binary trading options.


Overall Ease Of Use


Porter Finance does offer some online, digital tools for your binary options but I found they do the best at traditional communication. This may be a downside to some people: a lot of investors want modern technology in their protocols and utilization (which Porter does have, just not as much as others). This is the only point where I'd say Porter needs adjust and catch up with modern times. Beyond that, working with them over the phone and online was incredibly easy and streamlined. They're ever responsive with e-mail and that's a blessing for me since I exist on Gmail.


Tools In General


The few tools offered on their website are top-notch; I'm talking elite of the elite of the elite. I've had bad experiences with native tools offered by other brokers, but these worked very well. I use Chrome primarily and I didn't have any issues getting things done or worked out. Once again, if I did, their awesome customer support and firm members were there to fix the problem. While I didn't have the extreme amount of monitoring I did in places like Boss Capital, the constant and consistent, polite and informative contact of Porter more than made up for it. (Still, they should employ modern technology like live graphs and charts more often!)


Website & Phone Availability


Okay, so this is going to be bitter and sweet (thought the bitter part isn't too bitter). Let me first premise this by saying their phone service and e-mail availability was astounding. I still don't think I've found anyone who tops that but their website availability is a bit different. There were a couple times when I went to the site and it hiccupped. I'm not sure if this is because of its traffic or the hosting provider, but it briefly made me nervous about experimenting with them. It didn't happen again, which is good, because I would have subtracted points based off of that. Part of me wonders if this is happening because they're growing so fast, but who knows.


The Summary


Porter Finance is a great choice, in fact probably the best, for a binary options trader starting out and even the well seasoned trader. I was actually really surprised by how well they treated me and how well they handled my options. They're going to give you the best knowledge and insight to how the timed assets work and they're going to help you improve your portfolio, as well. Having a bunch of successful binary trades is going to be great for your personal resume (at least it was for me). They have a nice, traditional, almost-family like sense to them that I adore and miss in most modern businesses and firms. In summation, I'm going to give these guys a 9.8 rating. Extremely, extremely recommended for new investors and traders – top notch.


Porter Finance Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: YES

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