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Cherry Trade Review

Cherry Trade Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: NO

There are a lot of things to consider in the world, especially when it comes to a great broker. When looking for a well-rounded, good broker, finding the specifics of what you need is no easy process. Difficulty rises when you consider which binary options to go with in specific, confusing and muddying your choices. This review will cover what Cherry Trade offers and does in comparison to other options out there. Having all the knowledge beforehand and knowing the ins and outs of a broker will save you loads of time and money, putting you in a highly educated and informed spot (that translates to a much better experience).


Wait! What Is Binary Options Trading?


This actually isn't as hard as it sounds. The term aside, a binary option is simply a prediction of an asset's value over time and whether that value will rise or fall in a specific amount of time. The range is wide, from one day to weeks. This combines the best of both trading worlds: assets and time. For overall growth of wealth, it can be quite lucrative and yield long-lasting results. You want to make sure you're getting the best, so finding the right team and broker can mean success or failure.


On Cherry Trade


Cherry Trade boasts a very high payout of 81%. That's an enormous number when you think about it. Digital options are their cup of tea, meaning they specialize in it almost exclusively. They also provide real time data, something some brokers fall behind in. They're one of the first options in the industry and with good reason as to why, which we'll get into below. Something else interesting about Cherry Trade is that you don't really need a lot of experience in binary options trading to be successful with their platform.


Commissions, Fees, Etc


This is one department where not every trader is equal. Sometimes, it's not entirely evident either. There are hidden fees and ridiculous charges on some brokers, putting a serious hole in the wealth you're trying to attain. If compared to other traders, Cherry Trade does a good job about being honest and having very minimum fees; in fact it's one of the most cost-effective binary options trading solutions on the market. The best ones will allow new and veteran traders mass amounts of flexibility and support, keeping their wealth and potential for growing finances secure and well understood. Cherry Trade is a great, relatively cost-friendly solution.


Cherry Trade's Customer Support


Customer service can make or break a business, be it a broker, a fast-food joint or a department store. There are tales and horror stories of awful customer support floating around the web and other review sites, but Cherry Trade won't be found in them. They do a fantastic job of troubleshooting any of your problems and their tech support is beyond good. It's on the fly and works great for whatever your endeavors may be, giving you the best experience on the market. There's a live chat if you want to speak to a representative as well from your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Definitely a fantastic experience.


Research And More


There are lots of competitors from end to end on the web: Etrade, Charles & Schwab, Ameritrade and Scottrade, etc. Most of the organizations actually use some third party research for their projects and trades. Essentially, that means they're not really doing it themselves but hire someone else to do it instead. There are a few benefits to this: on one hand, it cuts costs down significantly, but on the other it could sacrifice the quality you're wanting in your trading research. Cherry Trade does most of its research for you, making sure you're getting the best possible experience. It ensures a great selection of binary options available to you for the best price and return.


The Ease Of Use


Cherry Trade was incredibly easy to use (and is). Something bigger brokers seem to lack across the board is simplicity, meaning that when you go to login or use the software, it's buggy, complicated and features are hidden in bizarre spots no one would every bother to check for. These kind of important things are addressed with Cherry Trade; a novice could easily log in and go to town trading binary options right away instead of having to sort through a massive user manual. It's one of the reasons I'd recommend using Cherry Trade to begin with, especially if you're new to trading in general.


Tools Available


Cherry Trade also excels in this particular department. There's ways to track your assets and investments such as charts, live monitors, helpful tech assistants if you need it and a whole bunch of other things that I don't have time to list here. The best part about this functionality is that it's intuitive. Most brokers I've worked with have a serious issue making things easy for the user but as I've said above, Cherry Trade knows their stuff. Even better, Cherry Trade worked on all of my devices. This is important because not everyone runs the same operating system. Some people use Linux or BSD, others us Mac's operating system and most people typically fancy Microsoft's Windows. Cherry Trade will work on all these platforms without a probably. This is because it's web based, not application based. Whether you're running Firefox or Internet Explorer (I use Chrome), it works without a problem. It's a prime example of picking web technologies over modern ones. If you were so inclined, you could even run it from your smart TV, phone or laptop. There's no limit on what can run the software besides whatever browser you're using. Android and iOS users need not worry.


Online and Offline Availability Of Cherry Trade


When using a tool that decides whether or not your wealth is going to increase, it's important to make sure that's it's constantly ready and online. A lot of traders out there can suffer from downtimes when servers are being adjusted and similar ilk, but I didn't notice this problem at all with Cherry Trade. Sometimes websites are poorly maintained and hosted and it shows on the front-end for users. I'm not 100% on what Cherry Trade is using to host their services, but it's rock solid and extremely reliable. Not once did I have any lag or problems refreshing pages; it just worked wherever I went. I tested it out on my tablet, Android and desktop, none of them having problems handling it. I run Linux so I usually have compatibility problems but I didn't with Cherry Trade and the entire process was buttery smooth.




Cherry Trade is a solid choice for people wanting to explore binary trading options. It was solid, reliable, fast and convenient. I actually don't have any gripes about their services other than I wish more people would use them. I've juggled a few different brokers before and Cherry is high on my list, easily competing for first place. The color schemes on the site are very pleasant as well, so it doesn't look ugly as sin when you're using it. Overall, I'd highly recommend this to new users and veteran binary option traders and give it a very solid 9.3 rating.


Cherry Trade Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: NO

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