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Boss Capital Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: NO

When looking for an overall great broker, finding exactly what you need is no easy process. It's especially more difficult when you're trying to weigh which binary options to go with, leaving you with confusion and desperation. In this review, we'll talk a little bit about Boss Capital and what it offers over other binary options trading organizations. It may surprise you, but not all binary trading options organizations are the same caliber or quality. Knowing this before going into a contract can really save you a headache and serious cash. That being said, not everything is without its pitfalls and we'll discuss that here in detail.


Wait a minute! What's Binary Options Trading?


Binary trading is a simple prediction if the asset's value is either going rise or fall given a deadline of time which is usually set far in advance. It can range from one day to five minutes to an entire year. A binary option combines the best of both worlds: time and assets. It can also be extremely lucrative for your overall growth in finances and wealth. Picking a great team to handle the ins and outs of a binary options trading task can make or break the experience.


A Bit About Boss Capital


Boss Capital was founded back in 2014. It's more than dedicated to its clients and traders, employing a type of experience that's rewarding and intuitive for the user. They tout that they strive to be the top of the industry and provide the best service which, in a nutshell, they mostly do. It was establishes as a means for experienced binary options traders to invest and choose the best options across the board, providing an overall very high quality experience that's tough to match with other binary options trading groups.


The Commissions & Fees


Not all traders are built equal and sometimes, it's not entirely evident. Some have ridiculous fees and commissions while some are fair and balanced. In comparison with most binary options traders, Boss Capital does a pretty good job at keeping their asking prices pretty fair. Their commissions are on par with that as well, providing a good entry-level to expert level of experience. The best binary options traders will allow that level of flexibility in their level of experience, leaving Boss Capital among the cream of the crop.


A Word On Customer Support


Something important to any binary trading options companies is the ability to get service support and access to troubleshooting from techs. Boss Capital provides a solid line of customer support (I believe it's 24 hours, to be exact) for your needs. Their technology and platform is provided in real time and works on the fly for your endeavors. That's kind of to be expected, though, given they specialize in digital tools for binary options trading as well. There's a chat box as well if you need to speak to a representative from your computer or phone, making the process much simpler and more on-demand.


The Research Protocol


There are a ton of competitors out there: Etrade, ScottTrade, Charles & Schwab, Ameritade and so on and so forth. A lot of these organizations use third party research for their projects. That means they don't actually do it themselves but find someone else to do it instead. On one hand, this is a good way to cut down costs but on the other, it could sacrifice the quality you're willing to receive. Boss Capital provides a lot of research on its own just for you, so you can count on the best experience. This is a great way to pick the best binary trading option available.


Overall Ease Of Use


I found that Boss Capital was very easy to use. Something a lot of other bigger trading brokers lack is simplicity, in which comes elegance. Without a platform that works and tools that make sense, it's really hard to get into the offerings of any broker. I recall a few times struggling with other broker's user interfaces and account preferences on the page. Luckily with Boss Capital, things were intuitive and “just work”. If you're a broker and expect your digital techniques to take off, don't count on it if the user can access the options and perks of the page. Boss worked wonders here.




So I mentioned platform earlier, in which I'll talk about it a bit here. The platform Boss offers is the pages you deal with when you're logged into your account. It also means just how you can access that: a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop PC or even a TV (well, I can't say Boss Capitol offers smart TV management in your living room, but pretty much no one else does either). The tools and monitoring stuff bundled with their account page is pretty good and comprise most of their interactive, easy platform. One of the betters ones, here.


Tools In General


Boss Capital provides a slew of tools you can use for your binary trading options, ranging from a simple monitor of what is exactly being trading and something that keeps tabs on the frequency of said trading. Tools are also very compatible; they work on Mac, Windows or Linux if you need that sort of thing. A lot of the browsers available today can handle these additional features as well (I personally use Chrome and occasion, Firefox).


Website Availability


How often I can access my accounts is extremely important. Actually, it's one of the first things I look for when choosing a website or something to manage mutual funds, stocks, bonds and binary options. It's irritating when Facebook or Google has an issue that makes checking my e-mail or messages cumbersome, like going offline or becoming really slow (we're talking dreadfully slow, as in you dial-up era). Usually this falls on how well the site is maintained and hosted. I'm not sure what provider Boss Capital is using but it's definitely online all the time. When money is involved, you need to be able to access any information pertaining to it. I personally like checking my accounts frequently, so Boss Capital aced that department.




Overall, Boss Capital felt like a solid option in binary options trading. There wasn't much trouble dealing with the brokers and handling my binary trades, so all worked out well in the end. I do have a grip though: the layout could be a bit better, in my opinion. It's very intuitive and easy to use but I'm not one for the color choices (then again, that could be my crappy monitor, I'm not sure). I've used a few different places (Charles & Schwab, TD Ameritrade, ScottTrade) and Boss actually sits somewhere on the top of the list with its design; it's the colors I think that could be a bit more attractive. I'd recommend it to new users and experienced ones, probably touting the customer support as the best you can get. It's also not bound to any larger companies (at least not as many). For me, Boss Capital was one of the best choices. I'd give it a solid 9.2 rating which is one of the highest I ever gave to a broker. Highly recommended.


Boss Capital Minimum deposit: $200
US Traders: NO

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