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Bloombex Options Review

Bloombex Options Minimum deposit: $300
US Traders: NO

A lot of talk has been happening about Bloombex Options lately. Good or bad, the reviews have been flowing all around. Plenty of traders call this the trader’s heaven for the outrageously excellent features. It’s agreed there has been complaints of scams, nevertheless it’s good to examine in detail. Let’s look at every aspect of their business and have few meaningful insights out of it.

Who are they?

Bloombex options have been in the business since 2009. Through internet archives one can know they started out with Forex trading and have switched to binary options trading later. Their establishment has happened stronger after their switch over to binary options trading.


What’s the deal with scam label?

There have been some customer representatives claiming Bloombex to be scam on various review sites. Firstly I would like to state the truth value of such statement is negative. The withdrawal minimum has been set to 100 USD or euros which stays proportional to the type of high minimum deposit. When beginners trade with such amount and lose high share of their investment, their withdrawal of remainder is not technically possible. This little misunderstanding makes them call for scam label. Nevertheless, Bloombex has been a legit binary options broker existing for half a decade now.

Payment processing details:


They have got almost every payment processors to their acceptance list which has a way with doing legit money transfer. From Moneybookers to PayPal to credit card processing everything is covered. PayPal money transfer is what makes Bloombex stand out from other brokers. However you cannot withdraw such amount via PayPal in one go, which exceeds your initial investment.


Features and other perks:


> Personal account manager is assigned to every client and customer care and support is at best.

> There are 109 underlying assets available for trading currently through Bloombex.

> The trading platform is user friendly, yet highly efficient. There is no training required for using this simple platform.

> You investments would never be blocked. Withdrawals are processed quickly.

> Reliability and security features are in place for a safe and easier account management.




Bloombex Options is one of the leading binary options brokers with top class features and excellent customer support. It offers anything a trader wishes for, and the only drawrdown is the higher minimum deposit requirement compared to other brokers. I would give it a solid 9.5 rating and consider it one of the best choices available.


Bloombex Options Minimum deposit: $300
US Traders: NO

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